The best way to search, see, save and share the web

Share what you find for a better online experience for others.


Chabooli allows you to save great content and share it with people that have similar interests to you.

  • Bookmark Sites you like
  • Allow others to access your folders to discover great sites, images or videos
  • Explore your friends and neighbours’ content and save it yourself

Discover great content from people that share the same interests as you.


If you follow the folders of friends and neighbours, every time they bookmark a site, it will appear in your social stream.

  • Friends are people whose content you follow
  • Neighbours are people that bookmark similar content to you
  • Discover content you might not otherwise see

Chabooli is social. Discover, Share and Communicate.


All the content you are following is streamed to your profile so you are constantly updated when new sites are added.

  • Message other members
  • Comment on sites
  • Like sites to raise their profile

Chabooli is a Social Bookmarking & Search Engine


Our search results are based on sites recommended by our members. So if you’re into snowboards, we’re going to show you the sites our snowboard members recommend.

discover1 discover_arrow Discover your Neighbours


These are people you don’t know that have similar interests to you, bookmark sites that may be of interest to you and from whom you can discover great content from. Follow them or one of their folders. 

discover2 discover_arrow Discover your Friends


These are people that you already connect with on Chabooli or on other social networks that also have a Chabooli profile. Follow all their content or selected folders that interest you.

discover2 discover_arrow Discover Social Search


By following people with similar interests to you, you get to discover content you may never otherwise have heard about. Every time they add new content to their folders, you’ll be able to view it too.

discover4 discover_arrow Discover New Content


Every time a site is bookmarked, that site is added to our Search Engine. Our Search Results are based on the sites that people with various interests are currently viewing. That makes us dynamic, up to date and relevant.

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