Organize Your Digital Life

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Get Organised With Chabooli

Chabooli is a secure organisational tool for your online life, for business and for pleasure. No matter where you work. No matter where you live.


Organised Communication
All your Communication, Collaboration and Shared Content... In one place. Viewable as one long stream or separate threads. No need to search 100's of e-mails to find stuff.
Secure Drag & Drop File Sharing
Drag and drop content from Dropbox to your Accountant, Lawyer, Friends or Colleagues. Instantly transfer documents, files and attachments. Securely. Without e-mail! Without links!
Share Media
Create a folder and give access to whomever you choose. Copy any media to it, to make it instantly available. Share with friends, family and colleagues

Network Features

Networks are the engine room of Chabooli, where one to many and many to many communication takes place

Bookmarking Features

We know that people want to work with, comment on and share online content too, so we’ve added a nifty bookmarking tool, to make it all a bit more social :)

Who Uses Chabooli?


Business Owners

Got a new contract? Create a project folder in Chabooli. Give access to your marketing, design and manufacturing departments, as well as to your clients and customers. Communicate, collaborate and stay in sync. All your communications in a single thread. Simple to use. Easy to review.

Project Managers

Building a House? Create a folder and give your supplier’s access. Communicate with them all in one place. Want to keep plumbing separate from roofing? Create folders within folders.


Got a Tax investigation? Create a Folder, drag & drop your accounts and bank statements from dropbox and give access to your Accountant and Tax Lawyer. Collaborate & communicate privately, securely, in a thread. Not in 100 different e-mails.


Redecorating the house? Create a folder and bookmark websites from the web or from others that share your ideas. Discuss with designers and family members. Share ideas. Get inspiration. Have what you want.

Chabooli. Endless Possibilities.


Let Chabooli Lighten The Load

We are offering limited spots to participate in our private beta, just submit your email address below.

Beta Signup

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